Tickets for Startup Weekend Delhi


Startup Weekend Delhi TicketTickets for Startup Weekend Delhi will go on sale on Wednesday, 19th January 8:00 am IST. Startup Weekend Delhi is going to be held at the American Center near CP from 4th of March till the 6th of March. Many thanks to Ayojak for setting us up for handling Rupee payments.

The early-bird special gets you more than 40% off the full ticket price so please plan ahead. Tickets are currently Rs. 2,000 for the full weekend.

If you plan to buy a student ticket, make sure to bring your student id for verification. There is a limited number of student tickets so if you’re a student and want to hack away at a new startup, get your ticket as soon as possible. Student tickets are Rs. 1,000 for the full weekend.

Ticket prices include: attending the event, dinner Friday night plus breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Most importantly though, the ticket price includes the opportunity to build a startup in a weekend!

Also, please remember that you will need to bring photo identification to be allowed into the American Center each day of the event. If you do not bring your photo id, security will not let you into the building.