Final Agenda for Startup Weekend Delhi – December 2011


Here’s the final agenda for Startup Weekend Delhi from 9th December 2011 to 11th at the American Center on KG Marg, near Connaught Place.

All attendees will have a chance to pitch at least one idea in 60 seconds. If time permits, everyone will get a chance to pitch more than one idea.

Please make your arrangements to be at the venue late into the night on Friday and Saturday. If you have to, get a cab in advance or car pool with other attendees. If you need a couch to crash on, start talking to other participants when you get to the venue or start tweeting about it using the hashtag #swdel.

We will provide dinner on Friday evening, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast/Lunch/Snacks on Sunday.

Friday, 9th December 2011
5:00pm – Doors open at the American Center. Registration and networking starts

6:00pm – Tea/Coffee/Snacks and mingle with people, network, etc.

7:00pm – Official Kickoff of Startup Weekend Delhi and Welcome

7:10pm – Presentations by guest speakers

8:00pm to 9:00pm – Pitches Begin (Pitches are 60-seconds each. Pitch your best idea first, because we may not have a chance for second or third pitches. No Slides/decks/etc. 60 second elevator pitch only. Make it count!)

9:00pm – 10:00pm – Dinner (Kathi Rolls); Pitched ideas are voted on by the attendees and teams are formed by the top voted ideas.

11:00pm – Teams break off to a bar, coffee shop, hotel lobby, someone’s apartment and begin discussing strategy for building their startup over the weekend

11:30pm – Venue closed for the evening

Saturday, 10th December 2011

8:30am – Doors open and teams begin working

9:00am – Breakfast/Tea/Coffee served

10:00am – Teams continue working and mentors start arriving.

11:00am – Teams better start coding by now or you may not have a product to demo on Sunday

12:30pm – Lunch is served and presentations/announcements/etc.

2:00pm – Teams continue coding, work on business plans, customer validation

6:30/7pm – Special party hosted by Zaakpay!

8:00pm – Dinner is served

11:30pm – Venue closed for the evening

Sunday, 11th December 2011

8:30am – Doors open

9:00am – Breakfast/Tea/Coffee is served; Teams continue working

11:00am – Teams should have a live splash page up with an email capture and a simple blog and they should provide 1 paragraph writeup, logo, twitter id, Facebook URL and website address to facilitator for a writeup of the startups being built at Startup Weekend Delhi. The writeup will look similar to the one done for Startup Weekend Delhi in March 2011

1:30pm – Lunch will be served

2:00pm – Gut check. Start prepping for presentations.

5:00pm – A talk by Dave McClure will be given, followed by final presentations of all startups being built.

7:30pm – Panel will vote. Awards.

8:00pm – Dinner will be served after the event for those that want to stay and socialize.