Countdown begins for StartupWeekend Delhi Health


By: Rukmani Mohindra, New Delhi

Startups are not about just an idea that clicked in your mind, it’s all about drafting that idea into a business model and implementing it. In this era of competition and rat race in India, it’s not easy to come across the right people or the right path to create your business with. If you have been through this rough and rocky road of creating a startup, you would know.

How many times in our lives, we stumble on an idea but then don’t even know what do with it? If you are also an aspiring entrepreneur with just an idea in your mind, then Startup Weekend is the right place for you. Think unusual, think different or think out of the box might be an easy thing to do but the challenge is to act differently. Don’t just force yourself to work towards being a corporate slave or don’t be scared to step into the world of creativity and risk. Take the road less taken, you never know you might be the next Bill Gates.

Startup weekend is a platform to connect you with right people at the right time to create a credible startup in 54 hours around just an idea in your mind. Startup weekend strongly believes in No Talks and Only Action and abides by it. This time the Startup Weekend Delhi theme is “Health”. The 12th edition of Startup weekend Delhi is just two days away. This is the first time we are focusing on health with some amazing set of speakers and mentors.

With advancements in mobile applications, web development and technology, health care industry is still lacking behind. Health care industry has a great potential to cater new business which integrates technology and Health. In the past there have been some. Have you ever thought about developing a mobile app to calculate heart rate or measure diabetes every day or a digital prescription model for Doctors or fitness/workout applications etc, then why are you still thinking? Stop thinking just act and create a startup on health at Startup Weekend Delhi- Health (Dec 7,2012 to Dec 9,2012)