ENTREPRENEURSHIP- A solution to our disorganized healthcare arena


By: Dr Anuhar Pal

In todays disorganized healthcare sector around the world, we can’t expect things to get better  unless we contribute to solutions ourselves.

As doctors we see India facing unlimited healthcare problems, which just means unlimited opportunities for us to tackle in order to bring a change. And the tool we would need to bring about this change is simple- It’s entrepreneurship.

To us healthcare workers entrepreneurship always seemed a very unique process, however the path that bridges a gap between the work we doctors and entrepreneurs do is a basic one of 3steps:

  1. Recognition of a problem(finding an opportunity)
  2. Finding a solution to the problem(accepting the risks required to take advantage of the opportunity)
  3. Enjoyment of the rewards that follow from entrepreneurial endeavor.

Today there are many business models under development, many focusing on the products people ‘WANT’ rather than ‘NEED’  neglecting what actually the problem is and hence the actual needed solution. These may or may not change the face of our healthcare landscape.

Therefore, being a healthcare worker, at Startup Weekend Health we look forward to meet people with a similar vision as ours; to fix the healthcare environment through an entrepreneurial approach, by being innovative and creative ofcourse and not forgetting to tackle the NEEDS of our people rather than just our WANTS.