Take-aways from StartupWeekend

By Naval Saini, March 2013, New Delhi
Being an active participant in StartupWeekend Delhi, there are a lot of take aways for me. I have pitched in ideas in all the weekends and my ideas got through twice. Some of my key take-aways are as follows:
* I always pitch and I get better at pitching each time.Naval Saini
* I like building the product and driving the effort over next two days.
* I love meeting fellow entrepreneurs and esp those pitching crazy ideas.
* I am looking for a cofounder and maybe I will find one in the next startup weekend.
And lastly, its a complete startup experienced compressed in 54 hours. You got pitching, hiring, building, re-iterating over the product and pitching again.
And a round to bar on Saturday and Sunday (if you can still stand).
All of it leaves you a little less efficient on Monday and a little wiser for the long run.
About Naval:
Naval has participated in three subsequent startup weekends so far and all in Delhi. He is a developer and runs a mobility startup www.flipflopapp.com .