And the Winners are… – StartupWeekend Delhi April 2013


StartupWeekend Delhi was held at The American Center from 5-7 April 2013. There were 15 pitches in total on Sunday with Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder & CEO, One97 Communications), Vivek Aggarwal (Founder, Liqvid) and Sanjeev Aggarwal (Sr MD, Helion) on the jury panel to evaluate all the teams. Following were the results of the event:

1st Winner


My Piggy Bank


Raising kids by teaching them value for money and monitoring their time spent on social media

2nd Winner





We’re trying to disrupt the field of online testing by building Quizly, a free, open and easy to use quizzing platform that makes taking tests online as easy as sending an email !


3rd Winner



A local search to look for parking around your current location. It will be a mobile app and is designed to be developed in two phases.
Phase 1 :
Anyone using the app will be able to locate all the public parking available around his current location. Most of the public parking also have parking places counter maintained for there own convenience. We can expose our API to feed those counters into our system to give live data to user via app. For spaces without counters will not have guaranteed parking spot.

App will be showing two categories of parking spots:
1) Most convenient
2) Nearest

“Most convenient” is calculated on the basis of previous user’s experience and basic intelligence (traffic around and size of parking) we will feed into our system.
“Nearest” is calculated on the basis of distance to it according to google API.

Data will be generated by us to start with. Later we can have agents collecting the data.

Money Model:
1) via advertisements. We can have really precise geo targeted ads. Since we know the location of the person, we can also show ads of nearby restaurants, etc.
2) via collaborating with companies like MapMyIndia to feed our parking data in there devices and people can use it.


Congratulations to all the winners! We hope to see these teams developing their startups over the coming months.