Lets be a part of the incredible mobile journey in 54 hours

We are back again and this time we are mobile, I mean the theme is mobile not SW (but come to think of it a mobile SW is not a bad idea, we will need a lot of volunteer drivers, trailers, data cards and a lot of crazy logistical challenges, but hey, we are about startups we love challenges, don’t we? Alright dreamers, back to the post).
So, as I was saying the theme is mobile and the reason is quite simple mobile is the biggest invention of this century like the wheel in the last century (and come to think of it both have common traits, well… they make us mobile, don’t they?). Smart phones and tablets are growing like crazy, in fact, Analysts predict that by 2017 more mobile devices will be in use than people on the planet. The use of data via mobile devices has already surpassed over the data usage from desktops and laptops and you wont believe this one “There are 378,000 iPhones sold whereas 371,000 babies are born each day”. [Source1 , Source2]
It is quite clear that the future belongs to mobile devices and technology built for these devices. More than ever startups are taking a mobile first approach and the previous ones are quickly building mobile apps for their businesses. So we started digging and brought together the best of mentors and speakers from the mobile world and transformed our August outing to mobile.
This August will give you a chance to meet amazing people who share your vision, awesome mentors who understands your challenges and speakers who transforms the way you think. It will be a great platform to  brainstorm an idea, pitch to a room full of people, get your idea selected, the moment of triumph, build a team, build an app in 54 hours, launch MVP, get validations from customers and last but not the least floor the audience with your pitch. It will show you a glimpse of starting up and clear the many myths around it.
I call upon all mobile enthusiasts, designers, developers and hustlers to join us on this journey of 54 hours of fun on the weekend of August 30, 2013 and show the world you can be part of this incredible mobile journey and create the next big mobile business, right here from Delhi.