Startup Weekend Focus: Why Women?


For every 5 men in the city there are 4 women, i.e. women form 45% of our city’s population. The working population of women in Delhi is 1/10th of the total women. Now let’s compare it to the working population of men. hmm, 1/5th of the total men. This is a massive ratio differential in the working class in an urban city such as Delhi. The stats do matter. These are not just numbers or ratios; they reflect the progress and state of a city. This fact is being recognised by many and many of us are doing something about it. We, the people, are changing and hence Delhi is changing. But changes don’t happen overnight! I am talking about Delhi and not India as a whole because change is created at the micro level first (Though we all agree, there’s nothing micro about Delhi). But is the change being affected in every field? Take entrepreneurship as an example. How many women run businesses in Delhi? How many of them recognize themselves as entrepreneurs? And how many men entrepreneurs are there in Delhi? It is shocking to know the stats. There is a huge disparity which needs to be addressed by connecting at a grass-root level and empowering leaders and change-makers.


This is where Startup Weekend, Women Edition fits in. Startup Weekend has been successfully hosting events throughout India for over two years. It’s spreading throughout India, many companies have rolled out of these weekends and done well. Many entrepreneurs who didn’t know they had-it-in-them convinced themselves, they do. After-all Startup Weekend is for testing your aptitude for yourself. Then why add ‘women’ as a theme to this successfully established event? Because…For every Startup Weekend the women participation has been limited to 8-10%. It bothers us that at this stage when the foundation of the entrepreneurship Eco-system is being laid in the city, women are missing out. Women should not have to cover up later as is the case with all their fields, rather women should work alongside to build this eco-system.

Hence we are giving women a push by making an opportunity for them to walk side by side in this movement, rather than be followers. After all entrepreneurs are seldom followers. We want to break the pre-conceived notions and call out rebels in the work space to lead, create, innovate and make relations which you can build-on in future. It’s almost funny, that you can know someone for 54hrs and trust them enough to start a company with them. It’s the pressure of limited time that shows you the true strengths in the teams and individuals. There is never a better opportunity to create trusting relations as this.

Opportunity to change the stats! Opportunity to empower yourself! Opportunity for self-discovery! Startup Weekend Women Edition! Get your tickets on