Preparing for Startup Weekend Delhi Women – 2013


For all of you coming to Startup Weekend Delhi Health 2012, here are a few things to get you ready.

  1. Practice your 60 second idea pitches before you come. You will have 60 seconds to pitch an idea. If time permits, we will allow people to pitch additional ideas.
  2. Carry a “Photo ID proof” to get an entry into The American Center. No one will be allowed an entry without a photo identity proof. Driving License, Student ID with Photo, Passport, Voters ID or any other Government issued identity is considered valid.
  3. Bring your laptops, pen, paper, any cables necessary to connect your laptop to a projector, etc. so that you can work!
  4. Have a Twitter and Facebook account for letting people know that you’re not just sitting on a couch watching tv all weekend! Hashtag for the weekend is #swdel.
  5. Feel free to bring cameras and video cameras to capture the incredible energy you are going to be a part of. There are some restrictions of what you can take pictures of but we’ll fill you in on all that.
  6. Though we will provide meals, feel free to bring snacks for yourselves and if you like, your teammates.
  7. Be prepared for late nights and early mornings – transportation, crashing on someone’s couch, making fiends, etc. We promote carpool.
  8. If you’re a Delhi/NCR native, try helping out those from out of town.
  9. Network. Network. Network. Don’t show up on Friday and sit silently in a corner. Talk to the others that are present and get to know them before we kick things off.
  10. Please clean up after yourself and don’t leave garbage laying around.
  11. If you have 3G USB dongles or other ways of getting onto the Internet, bring them, just in case. Murphy’s Law!
  12. Follow @swinindia for the most up-to-date information.
  13. Keep checking this site for more detailed information.

More to come. Get prepared for the 54 hours of action.