Startup Weekend is around & ‘Governance’ is talk of the town


By Neharika Mahajan:

We think we want to go out there to spark that change with our idea in this world, in our society. A change that we have always wanted to see.

But alas! The reality.

Most of us are so preoccupied with all these run-of-the-mill tasks where is the time to think for ourselves, for our idea of change. Yes! That one peculiar idea we think of right before we fall asleep onto the lofty crevices of our beds. Exactly the same idea which we think of while the ever caressing shadows of a sleep are yet to leave our body in the morning. Mind you! It is also the very same idea that misleads us through the backdoor of our minds into the comforts of a changed world, changed by our idea. My friend I am not the only one. Our enticing world of day-dreaming leads us away from those harrowing board meetings, hateful project submissions & deadlines. At the same time our thoughts are away doodling an idea on the canvass of our mind. After all our reality is so full of meaningless grind.

Knock! Knock! To earth dear folks

Well our virtual reality is a sweet escape but the world around us is still the same. Full of things we all still hate. Venture out of those work cubicles & the harsh reality just might hit you. There are still high chances of you never receiving a passport even after umpteen requests, of you never getting an electricity connection even after umpteen complaints, of you getting raped even after umpteen precautions. There are umpteen problems plaguing the Indian Governance system. But also these are umpteen opportunities waiting to see light of the day.

Come on guys! Put a stop to your complaints & make an effort to bring a change. A change brought by that one IDEA of yours!

Bring that idea to Startup Weekend , voice it out to your audience & put it to vote! If your idea finds popularity amongst the present audience, you get to gather a team & sweat it out to make that idea happen within the next 54 hours. On the way you get mentors to seek out invaluable advices. Finally when the showdown begins, prove it to us that your idea is the best & takeaway the winning trophy in form of mentoring & funding opportunities available through the Startup Weekend network.

To all the day-dreamers harrowed by their daily grind – move out of your comfort zone, squeeze out time for yourself this weekend & live your idea. Declare it to the world & make yourself proud.

After all when the government & the rest are involved in ‘ All talk, no action.’

We at Startup Weekend live by ‘ No Talk, All Action’