Startup Weekend Delhi – Governance Edition 2014 (Press Release)


By: Devika Dixit (Organiser, Startup Weekend Edu July 2014)

With the general elections around the corner, Startup Weekend is back in Delhi with its newly announced Governance edition. The event will be hosted at the Adianta School of Leadership and Innovation on April 11th, 2014 and it will bring together an eclectic mix of young and aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to take an action against the red-tapism that plagues various sectors of the government.

The timing couldn’t have been better. With an entire country holding its breath for its next political leadership, Startup Weekend is ready to engage the young entrepreneurial community in Delhi. The event will bring forth ideas from various sectors: education, health, poverty, microfinance or anything else that will make a government department more efficient by a simple dose of innovation and technology. The participants will pitch their ideas to the audience, who will then vote on the ideas presented. The teams will then organize themselves organically and will work towards the finer aspects of the ideas to make a complete product. The teams are supported by mentors who are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves. The ideas will then be judged by a panel of judges that comprises a retired IAS officer, Head of Technology from leading opposition party and NASSCOM.

In keeping with its motto of “No talk. All action”, Startup Weekend is presenting an interesting opportunity to the Delhi entrepreneurial community which is active in commercial and social sectors, but lacks serious engagement in the government space. This event will allow for aspiring entrepreneurs to access useful resources and mentorship which helps them launch their start-up so that each one of us can have a greater involvement in the working of our government. While other democracies in the world have been successful in integrating new-age techniques to make their governments more efficient, India has lagged behind. Startup Weekend, with its Government edition, certainly seeks to change the status quo.

About Startup Weekend:

Startup Weekend is a global movement to promote entrepreneurship, which takes place in over 550 cities. Many existing companies have also raised angel funding as well as gone onto accelerators like The Morpheus, 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Microsoft Accelerator etc. They are supported in their efforts by Google for Entrepreneurs, NASSCOM and 500 Startups. It is also the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 1800 past events in 120 countries around the world in 2014.

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