The general idea.


Startup Weekend aims to channelize the lean nature of start-ups to the benefit of the masses by focussing its participants onto the highly volatile domain of governance. Now, while governance can be a broad subject to tackle, we intend to narrow the vision towards public governance. This is not to say that we discourage other governance domains like corporate, IT, non-profit or any other.

Startups are always in search for customers which can help them scale and deepen their understanding their products has on its users. Few customers in India can provide a platform as robust as the Government of India.

The Indian government has several institutional mechanisms set up to listen, empathize, study, design and deploy innovative products targeted towards delivery of social services. While the extent of the effectiveness of these institutions can be questioned, the singular truth is that the scope for public private partnerships, especially for delivery of coherent governance, has never been bigger.

As a firm believer of learning by doing, SW is calling out to the activist in you to come down and participate with enthusiasm, energy and commitment. If you have a great idea to solve civic issues, this is your chance to validate it and forge the network required to build it out and go test it. In our opinion this is the best way to learn fast, do good and grow big.