HELPIEZ:  We are creating online platform to connect Volunteers to different welfare organizations or NGO’s for good causes. People can find different NGO’s, data like their projects events, internships opportunities etc. All at same platform their by they can select proper project of their choices during their free time.

EDZY: We are working on a platform to provide the students with internship while they are not pursuing their graduation. We also want them to get practical knowledge into the industry and invest their time in useful internships.

KNOW YOU MUSIC: It is a music website that will help a person to know his interest of music. Locate the stores to purchase music instruments and provide platform to learn.

RATE-A-NGO: The startup is basically about a site that rates a NGO’s. Today in INDIA we have 20 Lakh + NGO’s and half of them aren’t doing credible work. There is an eminent need to recognize NGO’s doing good work. Will be having experts who will go down to the NGO’s and rate them based on the rating matrix that we have prepared. This would allow NGO’s to be recognized. Today, If I want to fund an NGO’s, I can go to the site, search an NGO using filters such as Area, Field of work etc. and then look at the ratings and reviews and then donate to the NGO I wish to donate. We will be charging the NGO’s a minimal sum of money for accrediting them.

DMC: a digital marketing startups where are aiming to solve and improve the year old problems of how and in what exact profitable manner should marketing in the form of online digital advertisement should be done. We aim to do the same by the use of dynamic and real time analysis which we will provide to our client and help them to do ads in an organized and targeted way.